Tattoo: JVU28F
Registration #: 8435241
Calved:  3/13/74
Birth Weight: 86
Southolm Bar Lad 80B Southolm Bar Lad 88Z Ankonian of Southolm 70V
Errolline of Aljon 70M
Evening Tinge of Southolm 34 Prides Walmere Southome 4S
Prides Evening Tinge Lass
 Cedar Home Princess 4 R R Rito 708  Rito N Bar
Blackbird of Rollin Rock
Glen Moray Princess 20 Bardolier of Altario 49
Chin Lake Princess 2

Cedar Home Bar Lad 28F carries rich Canadian pedigree which has been the foundation for our herd.

Cedar Home Bar Lad 28F consistently produced superior calves that carried natural muscling and easy fleshing ability. His daughters were sound producers with good udders and hard working ability. His sons developed early and won many awards for their outstanding growth and eye appeal.

Cedar Home Bar Lad 28F weighed 1700 pounds as a two year old bull in 1976 which was outstanding. His feet were never trimmed and his attractive structure and heavy hind quarter led him to be a great herd sire.

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