Tattoo: 20E
Registration #: 12730994
Calved:  2/7/96
Birth Weight: 90
Banner Concord 34X Banner Concord 19S Banner Prospector 13P
Banner Pride 137K
Spearhead Fernetta 86 82 Burtons Marshall Lad 106
Fernetta of Alcan 94 79
Clay Creek Rito Bar 9W Clay Creek Bar Lad 41L Clay Creek Bar Lad 31J
Cedar Home Isobel 7J
Clay Creek Rito 47N Cedar Home Eston 9H
Clay Creek Rito 17J

Returning to Canadian bloodlines has been a goal of our breeding program for years !!

CCAR Banner Lad 20E is sired by "Honest John" a bull rich in Canadian pedigree with an attractive structure and big barrel rib. From 1992 to 1995, "Honest John's" 9 heaviest sons weaned off pasture (no creep) averaging 829 lbs. at 223 days or 3.72 lbs WPDA.

CCAR Banner Lad 20E is also a grandson of Clay Creek Bar Lad 41L

CCAR Banner Lad 20E consistently sires the heaviest weaning weights in our herd. He produces stucturally sound calves with natural muscling,good hind quarter and a thick backline.

CCAR Banner Lad 20E consistently sires superior offspring with natural
muscling and tremendous growth.

Semen Price -- $15.00 per straw A.I. Certificate -- $30.00 ea.

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Jim and Lori French @ Clay Creek Angus  

(307) 762-3541  3334 Road 14 Greybull WY 82426  
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