CCAR Sir Future Rito Line 87S
Tattoo: 87S
Registration #: 16336931
Calved:  3/130/2006
Birth Weight: 90
CCAR Future Lad 223P C C A R Banner Lad 161H Ccar Banner Lad 20E
Clay Creek Revo Muscle 92W
CCAR Miss Future Trend 3L
C A Future Stock 9614
Ccar Trend of Eston Mus 78B
Ccar Rito Bar 122F
V D A R Rito 9J9 911
Hyline Rito 9J9 278
Gladwall G V Lass 8270
Ccar Bar Lad Muscle Maker 1B C C Muscle Maker 2Z
C C Bar Lad Rainmaker 26Z
+.6.0 .33
+34 .21
+14 .10
+58 .09

Weaning Weight: 707


   For more information contact

Jim and Lori French @ Clay Creek Angus  

(307) 762-3541 
3334 Road 14 Greybull WY 82426