Tattoo: 595
Registration #: 12493628
Calved:  2/3/95
Birth Weight: 83
Rito 8E8 of 5H11 Traveler Q A S Traveler 23-4 Band 234 of Ideal 3163
Q A S Blackbird Eve 601 1
Rita 5H11 of 1B14 Rito 9J9 Rito 9J9 of B156 7T26
Shorita 1B14 of 9R4 SE
C A Amy 6114 Amazing 508 D J E P S Power Play
Miss John Shoshone 017
Dixie Erica of R R 1365 PBC 707 1M F0203
Dixie Erica of R R 4056

Adjusted Weaning WT 749
Adjusted Yrlg. WT 1375

CA 8T8 595 was purchased at Midland Bull test and finished 4th in test gaining 3.64 pounds per day! His 205 day weight was 749 and 365 day weight was an impressive 1359 pounds and finished the 110 day test at 1498 pounds which was among the top 4%.

CA 8T8 595 was a part of the prestigious "World Champion Pen of Three Bulls".This Bull has many desirable traits including easy fleshing, depth and length. His broad backline also represents a high quality rib eye area that is so desirable in carcass cattle today.

  CA 8T8 595 decends from a great line of Rito bred cattle. His calves offer natural muscling, superior scrotal, and eye appeal. They stand tall, are structurally correct and have depth, length and thickness.

Semen Price -- $15.00 per straw A.I. Certificate -- $30.00 ea.

For more information contact

Jim and Lori French @ Clay Creek Angus  

(307) 762-3541  3334 Road 14 Greybull WY 82426  
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