Tattoo: 41L
Registration #: 9524927
Calved:  3/14/79
Birth Weight: 88
Clay Creek Bar Lad 31J Cedar Home Bar Lad 28F Southolm Bar Lad 80B
Cedar Home Princess 4
Redalda Erica 37F Redalda Eileenmere 16B
Willabar Erica 81
Cedar Home Isobel 7J Diamond Eston 37 74 Diamondhead Eston 51C
Ebon Hill Blackbird 13C
Cedar Home Isobel 2 R R Rito 708
Isobel R of Kalamal 4
  Adjusted Wean weight 599
Adjusted Yearling weight

 Clay Creek Bar Lad 41L was a grandson of the Cedar Home Bar Lad 28F bull.

The dam of Clay Creek Bar Lad 41L was sired by one of the all time great herd sires in the Angus breed, Diamond Eston 37 74. She was a top producing cow that continued to raise great calves for a good number of years. Many of her daughters and granddaughters live on in our herd.

Clay Creek Bar Lad 41L maintained good fleshing ability throughout his years and continued to breed as many as 60 cows in one year at the age of 3. He stood on perfect feet and was still working on our ranch at the age of 9.

Clay Creek Bar Lad 41L sired attractive offspring with heavy hind quarters and big barreled ribs.

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