H A R B Onward 116
Tattoo: 116
Registration #: 15610388
Calved:  2/12/2006
Birth Weight: 70
Connealy Onward Connealy Lead On Connelay Leadtime
Elegence Plus of Conanga
Altune of Conanga 6104

GAR Traveler 1489

Avalon 1418 of Conanga
HARB Princess Val 439 HARB F11 Farmhand 080 HARB Cincha 829
HARB Cloya Pride F11
HARB Princess Val 024 HARB Eternity
U2 Princess Val C88

Connealy Onward

Connealy Onward, now deceased, was the high selling bull at the 2004 Connealy Angus sale. Like his sire he offers strong calving ease and curve bender potential in addition to super individual scan data. His Lead On X Traveler 1489 pedigree makes him an interesting option for New Design and EXT influenced females.


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